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SUMMER STORM FESTIVAL, headlined by LAMB OF GOD - May 2010
Bangalore witnessed a rousing welcome by a huge flock of metal fans to LAMB OF GOD,
for their very first live concert in India, where they headlined at the first edition of the SUMMER STORM FESTIVAL,
organised by OVERTURE and sound reinforced by V&P SOUND.

For this truly metal fest, which was opened by four Indian metal bands, 2 companies V&P SOUND and TAHER SOUND combined to deploy 24 cabinets VT4889 (12-per-side) & 24 nos. VT4880A (8-per side flown and 8 centre-subs, stacked). 4 nos. VT4888 were used as centre-fills and the side-fills comprised of SRX Subs and 4 nos. VT4888. A total of 26 nos. VRX 915M stage monitors were used for the Indian bands & LAMB OF GOD.
Soundcraft Vi6, loaded with the latest V4 software, was used at the FOH and SC48 was deployed for the monitor console, exclusively for LAMB OF GOD. Soundcraft MH3 (48-channel) was also used at the FOH for the Indian Bands. All the graphic EQs for stage monitors were BSS.
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LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA's "Renga Ensemble" with KCP4 - April 2010

This was London Philharmonic Orchestra's "Renga Ensemble" first ever performance in India, alongwith KCP4 (Karnataka College Of Percussion Quartet, comprising of TAS Mani, Ramani, Ramesh Shotham & Mike Herting).

For this unique event, which was organised by BRITISH COUNCIL & coordinated by EVENT MANAGEMENT GROUP, the sound deployment by V&P SOUND comprised of 4 nos. JBL VRX932LA with CSR Subs, alongwith 9 nos. VRX915 stage monitors - all powered by Crown ITech-HD amps. A further 4 nos. VRX932LA were used as delay stacks
. Sound management was by Dolby Lake Processor and
Soundcraft MH2 was used at the FOH console
to mix this blend of western & indian classical music.

V&P SOUND Pvt. Ltd., Sound & Light Professionals and collaborate for Sound Reinforcement of Hampi Utsav 2010.
A regular annual event in Karnataka at Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this year’s three-day Festival was held on a grand scale by uniting with the 500th anniversary celebration of the Vilayanagara emperor, Sri Krishnadevaraya’s ascendancy to the throne.

The main left and right array hangs comprised 24 JBL VerTec VT4889s and 16 VT4880A subwoofers, all powered by Crown I-Tech 5000HD, 9000HD, and 12000HD amplifiers. The system relied on JBL’s world-standard V4 DSP presets, developed specifically to take advantage of Crown’s LevelMAX™ multi-stage limiting in the I-Tech HD amps.
Additionally, 16 VerTec VT4888s were used for outfills and center fills, with eight JBL SRX 728s in place as the center-located ground based subwoofers. A dbx DriveRack 4800 handled loudspeaker output-zone processing. A Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing console was deployed at the FOH location.

The Palace Grounds in Bangalore, India were transformed on 7 November 2008 into a celebration for thousands who turned out for “The Great Indian Rock 2009.” Bangalore transcended into the Rock Capital of India with an international concert that featured 3 Indian bands, Slingshot, Rainbow Bridge and Extinct Reflections and 2 Norwegian popular acts, Sahg and Satryicon. V&P Sound deployed an extensive Harman sound system that featured Soundcraft’s Vi6 and included products from JBL, Crown, dbx, and AKG.

The sound system consisted of 20 JBL VERTEC VT4889’s with 2 main hangs of 10 per-side, 16 JBL VERTEC VT4880A subs were flown in on 4 per-side hangs, 8 JBL CSR subs were ground stacked with 4 per-side and JBL VRX932LA’s were used as center-fills. Crown I-Tech 4000, 6000, and 8000 amplifiers powered the entire system and the FOH was mixed using the Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing console running the new Version 3.0 software.
Svein Solberg, Satyricon’s FOH engineer, was working on the Vi6 for the first fime and he was amazed with the intuitive interface and the ergonomic layout of the console. Solberg stated, ”This is as comfortable as working on any analog console and the ease of operation allowed me to mix on the console with little prior experience.“ Solberg continued, ”The VERTECs are loud and clean sounding boxes and this is indeed the best sounding system that we’ve operated in India.”

The 2-day event, held March 14-15, featured many of India’s most popular rock and heavy metal bands. Designed to promote original music while raising anti-piracy awareness, the event was produced by Buenos Entertainment.
V&P Sound set up two main arrays, totaling 20 JBL VERTEC full-size VT4889 line array elements, in left/right hangs with10 boxes per side. Eight JBL VERTEC VT4880A full size arrayable subwoofers were suspended in 4- per-side hangs, while an additional eight JBL subwoofers were also stacked 4-per-side below the VT4880A’s. JBL VRX932LA compact constant-curvature speakers were used as center-fills. A combination of Crown I-Tech 4000, 6000 and 8000 amplifiers powered the entire system, which was set up using Harman HiQnet™ System Architect™. Crown I-Tech amps also powered the onstage monitor system, which included VRX932LA arrays with VRX918S subwoofers for side fills. Crown I-Tech 4000 amps powered JBL VRX915M floor monitors. "The processing for the bi-amped wedges was done using the Crown I-Tech’s built-in DSP,
At the front-of-house mix position, V&P Sound used a Soundcraft MH3 48- channel console, while a Soundcraft MH2 handled onstage monitor mixing. Additionally, dbx 1066 and BSS DPR 402/522 noisegates and compressors were in use. Microphones for the event included AKG’s WMS 4000 wireless system for vocals, along with AKG’s Drum Set II, which includes a D112 and four C418M’s, used to mic all drum kits on the show. Two AKG C451B’s served as drum kit overhead microphones.